Online Forum

Who we are

The fellows & friends programme is an initiative for fellows and friends of the Hertie Foundation. Our circle includes current and former students, grantees and researchers of the Foundation and its projects.

Information exchange and networking

The online forum is the platform for all 5000 Hertie fellows to exchange information with each other, across the whole foundation and all its programmes. It offers its members innovative think-tanks, expert forums, interesting professional perspectives and much more.

Annette Gentz

Annette is an ambassador of the arts: »I help artists see their own strengths,« she says. She runs her own arts agency across the street from the Pergamon Museum, where she represents composers.

Hertie-Notizen - Der Newsletter der GHST

Now you can read the newest edition of the Hertie-Notizen online. Exciting new things are happening at the foundation: How does digitalization affect the foundation's mission?, robots in elementary school lessons, integration in the double-decker bus, a cup of coffee with the Dalai Lama and much more.

Autumn Walk: Babelsberg & Project House Potsdam

Get to know other Hertie fellows on Saturday 15 September 2018 during a guided walk at Potsdam’s district Babelsberg with an additional tour at the Project House Potsdam.


Based on the series „Fellows in Portrait” Hertie fellow Natalia Irina Roman (HSoG 2009) created an exhibition of quotes by Hertie fellows and network coordinators. The exhibition was presented throughout the Hertie Fellows Summit 2018 in the Planck Lobby.

Engagement in den thematischen Netzwerken

Wir fördern langfristige thematische Netzwerke. Sie sind von den Fellows selbst konzipierte, gegründete und geführte Expertenkreise und dienen dem Interessensaustausch zu speziellen Themen. Weitere Information finden Sie in den Gruppen.

Hertie fellows at #Innocracy18

On 28 June 2018 the democracy conference ''Innocracy 2018'' dealt with the future of our political system. Among others the Hertie fellows Anca Oprisor Florian (HIK 2017), Klara Sucher (SKB 2011), Hanno Burmester (SKB 2006) and Emilia Roig (HIK 2018) participated.

Prof. Dr. Birgit Liss

Birgit is a full Professor and Director of the Institute of Applied Physiology at Ulm University in Germany. Beyond academia, she is actively engaging in politics and society. From her point of view, one key to success is to work harder than others.

Hertie Fellows Summit - Shaping the Society of 2030

''Shaping the Society of 2030'' was the motto for the Hertie Fellows Summit 2018 that brought together around 200 Hertie fellows at the Harnack-House of the Max-Planck-Society on 23 – 24 June 2018. Check out the gallery for photos.