Exaggerate your role || GHST | Podcast

What happens when one simply ignores boundaries and perceived boundaries? When you don't just accept grievances, but stand up for change? Reporter Rik Oppermann visits committed young people to find out what they do differently. Each episode is a short report. You will meet feminist battle rappers, niche Youtubers and opinionated national goalkeepers.

Interview with Louisa Plasberg

How do I get off to a good start in my first real job? What do I have to pay special attention to as a young professional? We talk to podcaster and one of our mentors this year, Louisa Plasberg, about the important time of first work experiences. Listen to the whole interview on Spotify!

The "Essay Prize Democracy and Economy" goes into the second round!

Together with WirtschaftsWoche, the Hertie Foundation is awarding prizes for the best essays on the topic of "Democracy and the Economy". Prof. Michael Hüther is a member of the jury. As an economic researcher and director of the Institute of the German Economy, the relationship between "market economy and democratic cohesion" has been on his mind for a long time. Would you like to submit your work? You can find all the information here!

Jugend debattiert || New anniversary podcast

In an interview with Elisabeth Niejahr, Managing Director of the non-profit Hertie Foundation for the area of "Strengthening Democracy", Ansgar Kemmann, head of Jugend debattiert, talks about early experiences that set him on the path to Jugend debattiert. How did the Federal President's initiative come about? How has the programme developed since then? How will it continue? Follow Elisabeth Niejahr and Ansgar Kemmann on a journey through 20 years of Jugend debattiert.

Interview with Prof. Dr. Dr. Ghazaleh Tabatabai

Glioblastoma is one of the most common malignant primary brain tumours and is still incurable. Around 4800 people are diagnosed with it for the first time in this country every year. In an interview on World Brain Tumour Day, the expert explains how a new vaccination is supposed to help glioblastoma sufferers, why interdisciplinary work is so important, and why her patients make her humble every day.

Interview with Dr. Henning Beck

Dr Henning Beck is a neuroscientist, bestselling author and former Hertie PhD scholar at the Graduate School of Cellular & Molecular Neuroscience in Tübingen. He won the German Science Slam Championship in 2012 and now lectures about the brain. How the stage career came about, why we should beware of the "brain fog" in Corona times, and how the brain can "attract" creative ideas, the 37-year-old explains in our interview.

Beruf:Politik | Podcast | Series 5

Why do members of the Bundestag voluntarily retire from politics at the height of their political careers? And why are there not more drop-outs? How do colleagues react? What comes next? Elisabeth Niejahr, Executive Director of the non-profit Hertie Foundation, talks to Katja Suding (Deputy Federal Chair of the FDP) and Stefan Liebich (DIE LINKE) about their announcement to resign their mandate and leave politics.

Lecture Series | "Education for the Future"

In April and May we offer you online impulses on urgent future topics in school work. How can we prepare our pupils for the challenges of their future? Global responsibility, learning to take responsibility for oneself and society, digitalisation and personalisation of learning as well as life orientation for the professional and working world of the future are the keywords of the impulses, for which we have been able to win renowned impulse providers.

Save the date | Summit 2021 | 03.06 - 04.06

Among our Fellows, you will find people who are conducting research in the natural sciences, experts in the fields of politics, law and economics, people who create works of art and people who explore the world from the perspective of the humanities and cultural studies. As different as their disciplines and fields of activity may be, they all have one thing in common: they all strive to ensure that we can live together better as a democratic society. The Hertie Summit will take place from 3 to 4 June 2021.

Jugend Entscheidet | Digital Lunch-Session

School closed, sport and leisure forbidden, friends gone: in the Corona pandemic, young people feel that their problems are not being heard by politics.But why do political actors such as parties find it so difficult to inspire young people to get involved? How can young commitment work on the ground? With what ideas do young people advance democracy? And what can politics and administration learn from them? This will be discussed by the guests of our digital lunch session on 21.04.2021.

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