Jugend Entscheidet | Digital Lunch-Session

School closed, sport and leisure forbidden, friends gone: in the Corona pandemic, young people feel that their problems are not being heard by politics.But why do political actors such as parties find it so difficult to inspire young people to get involved? How can young commitment work on the ground? With what ideas do young people advance democracy? And what can politics and administration learn from them? This will be discussed by the guests of our digital lunch session on 21.04.2021.

Podcast with Gloria Boateng

How can young people be better picked up to get more involved in society and their interests? How can they learn skills through participation and engagement in childhood and schooling? We talk to Gloria Boateng about her concept of "Service Learning", which gives children practical experiences of self-efficacy and freedom for creative project management and engagement at school.

GHS Mentoring Programme 2021/2022 |NEW DEADLINE 22.03

CfA - Hertie Mentoring Programme 2021/22 started! Our mentoring programme is designed to support Hertie Fellows who want to take on roles of responsibility in academia, business, politics, culture and administration as current and future decision-makers and innovators. The resources of the Hertie Fellows network are manifold. Apply as a mentee or register as a mentor until March 22.

Elephant in the Room

Which topic, according to you, is ignored in the public debate, even though it is of central importance to society? What is your elephant in the room? Our new social media format gives you the opportunity to address this proverbial "elephant" provide new food for thought and thus help shape public discourse. In order to reach as many people as possible with your message, we will publish your contributions on our social media channels. 

Infohour 4 March 2021 | History of the Hertie Foundation

In order to inform you about the concrete steps that we have taken to research the history of the Hertie Foundation, and to talk about what we know and don't know to date, we would like to cordially invite you to an info session, which will also be an opportunity to clarify any open questions. The info session will take place via ZOOM on 04 .03.2021, 12:30-14h, (language: simultaneous interpretation DE->EN).

Hertie-Interviews: Current podcast episode

The podcast of the Hertie Foundation presents interviews with experts from academia and business. In the current episode, our fellow and podcast host Kurt Woischytzky talks to Yasmin Celin Gannouchi and Joshua Kantara about racism and sexism in schools, youth participation in municipalities and media education. Both are working to make a difference in society.

"Jugend Entscheidet" starts

Ten municipalities entrust youths with political decision-making: Young people are passionate about politics, want to have their say and participate in decisions. But what do they have to say about local political issues? What do they think about issues that affect their lives right on their doorstep? The Hertie Foundation is now launching the project with ten municipalities. Find more information here.

Happy Holidays!

Dear Fellows, we wish you and your loved ones happy holidays and a great new year 2021. We hope that you will be able to spend the end of this turbulent year safely and with your friends and relatives. Next year we will welcome you again to our activities and events, first of all online. Stay healthy!

New Hertie programme

In the new Hertie programme "Jugend entscheidet" (youth decides), communities are assisted in making a decision on a local political issue together with young people. Experienced process support is available to the municipal leadership, while the participating young people are supported in the decision-making process. The programme website and a video can be found here in German. 

Profession "politics"

In a new podcast organised by the Hertie Foundation, people with political biographies provide insights into their everyday lives. Elisabeth Niejahr, Managing Director of the Democracy Department, interviews personalities from politics and media about what it is like to be a politician in the 21st century. In the first episode she discusses the bad reputation of the profession "politics".

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