Bruno Paschoal

Since his graduation in spring 2015, Bruno has been very busy with developing the work of OndaPolitica, initiating the Hertie Social Impact Collaborative, and starting a family.

Annette Gentz

Annette is an ambassador of the arts: »I help artists see their own strengths,« she says. She runs her own arts agency across the street from the Pergamon Museum, where she represents composers.

Dr. Małgorzata Stefanowicz

»When your work is your hobby, you forget about the time,« says Małgorzata, a former student of Sociology and Political Science who has just received the first review of her doctoral thesis.

Damyana Stoynova

Looking back, Damyana Stoynova clearly recognizes a thread in building her expertise in the field of Climate Change, which led her from Sofia, to Berlin, and then to Brugge and eventually, to Brussels.

Shaarad Sharma

After travelling extensively, Shaarad Sharma, a graduate of the Hertie School of Governance, has learnt first-hand the advantages of belonging to and fostering networks

Dr. Anja Staemmler

The roads eventually led back to Berlin, after a master’s degree in Bremen»How would a just world look like?« It was the Hertie Foundation’s scholarship she had during these years that motivated her to take part in the Hertie Mentoring Programme lat

Annkathrin Rabe

Annkathrin (Nika)'s work moves between the global scale of her job in the renewable energy field and the micro scale of the many connecting dots of the networks to which she belongs. “As typical members of generation Y, we all want to do something posit

Harmke Kruithof

Harmke Kruithof is working for the European Commission in the Directorate-General for International Cooperation and Development (DG DEVCO), in the migration and employment unit. She is a graduate of the Hertie School of Governance.

Gerrit Reininghaus

»They initially gave me a boring job, but I secretly developed an Excel prototype. My boss was also a mathematician.« Today, he says: »I am a part »I am a part-time social entrepreneur; I don’t go to meetings after 4 pm«.

Kalterina Shulla

Asked on how she manages to balance a full time position at a federal ministry and the responsibilities of an ever-growing network, she says: »I have a core team of ten people who help.«

Cosmina Radu

Driven by this belief, she went on to set up, not just one, but two fellows & friends networks: Hertie Network on Digitalization (HNOD) and the Women Leadership Initiative (WLI).

Magdalena Arndt

It ist about »how to be flexible, fast moving, and open minded about the future.« Magdalena is driven by making a social impact.

Corina Murafa

»I do not believe in life long careers in the same place, in a world like today.« Corina is currently a PhD candidate in energy at the Academy of Economic Studies in Bucharest.

Claudia Müller

Claudia sums up her motivation to set up her own start-up in the following terms: »If money makes the world go round, we need to make sure it flows into the right hands.« With the help of a stipend she started the Female Finace Forum.

Dr. Daniel Scholz

»The work at the institute is creative.« Daniel found a way to pursue both these passions through his work at the Institute of Music Physiology and Musicians' Medicine (IMMM).

Gloria Boateng

»Home is where you feel good.« After a Horizonte research scholarship in 2009, Gloria pursued her longtime passion and became a teacher.

Prof. Dr. Birgit Liss

Birgit is a full Professor and Director of the Institute of Applied Physiology at Ulm University in Germany. Beyond academia, she is actively engaging in politics and society. From her point of view, one key to success is to work harder than others.

Erika Novotna

»If you cover the necessary amount of work you can organize yourself«, they said.Some of her bosses are also women and they have children, too. »This made a big difference, there is more understanding«.

Tine Nowak

»I had not found my place in the fellows & friends network until I came across the HNoD,» she says. Tine is currently pursuing research on the importance of »pocket videos» for youngsters at the Technical University in Darmstadt.

Maurice Shawndefar

As an urban development specialist, Maurice Shawndefar developed and managed various projects which focussed on strengthening urban governance to help cities become more integrated and resilient.

Rukaiya El-Rufau

Rukaiya talks about her work as risk advisory manager: ‘How flexibly can you respond?’ Sustainability is a burgeoning field globally.

Marita Orbegoso Alvarez

»MaMis is a community of women who help each other to settle in Berlin and to share know-how and expertise, but who also learn the German language or dance together«

Siddharth Merchant

After travelling the world to build his academic and professional experience, Siddharth Merchant eventually returned home to India, where he is now working with the World Bank. There he focuses on the energy and extractive industries. More in portrait.

Timur Burlaka

»My ultimate goal is to spread education around the world», Timur reveals about his work. Everything he does, be it traveling, entrepreneurial work or jobs in the industry, he channels towards this goal.

Pedro Obando

While in Brussels, Pedro worked in telecommunication and banking, which he did not continue in order to pursue what he loved most at that time: »to live in Berlin and do policy«.

Ionel Androne

»It is all about inner balance and a clear head... it is a sort of self-coaching.«

Dr. Mateusz Hartwich

He discovered »Vistél’s CelloMusikSalon«, a music salon that offers private concerts on demand. »I just went in and asked what they do«.

Csaba Krümmer

Casaba is studying for a master’s degree in civil engineering at the Technical University in Munich. He is especially interested in the areas that have to do with energy.

Dr. Carleen Kluger

Is it possible that the first female German astronaut will be a Hertie Fellow? For many, becoming an astronaut and being sent into space is the stuff of childhood dreams. For Carleen, this dream could soon become reality.

Prof. Dr. Danko Nikolić

After studying the human brain, Danko is now working on artificial intelligence. In the portrait he speaks about his goal to optimize the learning process for machines.

Grace Gair

Grace speaks about her work as a security architect. According to her, »technology is changing very rapidly and not many people realise what is possible with the capabilities out there.«

Paul Trompisch

His interests in digitalization and networks brought Paul Trompisch, a graduate of the Hertie School of Governance, to a workshop of the Hertie Network on Digitalization (HNOD).

Sulaika Ahmadsadah

After finishing a degree in Business Administration, Sulaika is now enrolled in a Essen. She spent a year working abroad in Baku at the German-Azerbaijani Chamber of Commerce-tasking.

Dr. Andreas Schäfer

Andreas completed his doctorate on the importance of advice in parliamentary decision-making processes at the Berlin Graduate School of Social Sciences. He was especially fascinated by the communication aspects of the political decision-making process.

Dr. Andreas Schröder

The passion for traveling has spilled over into his professional interests in energy, environment and transport. After a Bachelor’s and Master’s in Economics, he went to Brussels and then had a traineeship with the European Commission.

Anne-Marie Kortas

»there is no fixed time when I am dealing with these topics and when I am not«, she says about her work at Angehört e. V.

Dr. Henning Beck

With a PhD in neuroscience, Henning mediates between science and the public. As he puts it, he »is the guy who tells people how the brain works« in simple yet entertaining terms – on the radio, in schools and through various talks and books.

Daphnee Iglesias

»I always wanted to go out and explore«, she says. And so she did. »Every step built my character, made me ready for the next challenge.«

Bettina Lehmann

»We organized exhibitions in vineyards, in places where art does not usually play a role but where the people are... because art does not mean anything if people are not there«