Founder and Coordinator

Claudia Müller

Claudia is the founder of the Female Finance Forum. She is a graduate of the Hertie School of Governance and has worked for the Bundesbank in Frankfurt.
Claudia ist Gründerin des Female Finance Forum. Sie ist Absolventin der Hertie School of Governance und hat vor der Gründung des Forums für die Bundesbank in Frankfurt gearbeitet.

ff networks are platforms envisioned, founded and led by the Hertie fellows themselves with mentoring and funding support of the ff programme of the Hertie Foundation. While the ff networks are communities of like-minded fellows sharing particular interests, they are also settings for reaching out to senior key professionals and starting new collaborations. Hertie fellows have two opportunities a year to join each of the current networks, following up on regular Calls for Applications. The fellows are also invited to get in touch with new ideas.