The Hertie International Development Network (HIDN) is a trusted resource connecting development professionals and organizations from around the world and from all levels of government, industry and civil society. The Network is a respected contributor to academic and public discussions related to global development issues and an important venue for collaborative problem solving, experience sharing and professional development. HIDN connects Hertie fellows and the broader development community to facilitate an open, and ongoing dialogue, aimed at addressing professional challenges faced by individuals and the sector as a whole. HIDN also provides a forum for discussion and advocacy regarding the role of development institutions in light of recent trends in the industry.

The next meeting of the network will take place on 22 June 2019 as part of the Hertie Fellows Summit in Berlin.

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Latest Events

  • Hertie Fellows Summit 2019


    Visit the workshop "Development in Fragile Context" facilitated by HIDN at Hertie Fellows Summit. While extreme poverty is down to less than 10% (8.2%, see World Poverty Clock), it is increasingly concentrated in fragile contexts – by 2030 approximately half of all people worldwide living in extreme poverty will be found in fragile settings. This causes a shift in the focus of development: More and more development actors are moving into fragile contexts.

Past Events

  • Workshop "Gender Mainstreaming in Development Policies" (Berlin – Hertie School of Governance), 23 – 24 November 2018

  • Workshop "Adaptive Social Policies for a Changing World" (Berlin – Hertie School of Governance & Harnack-House of the Max-Planck-Society), 22 – 24 June 2018

  • Panel Discussion "Refreshing Development: Making the case for new economic thought in global development Policy" (London – RSA House), 15 September 2017

  • Internal Meeting (Berlin - Harnack-House of the Max-Planck-Society), 23 – 24 June 2017

  • Kick-Off Workshop Hertie School Development Network (Berlin), 26 – 28 April 2017

HIDN Coordinators

  • Shaarad Sharma

  • Christian König

  • Oriana Agelucci

  • Christina Dankmeyer

  • Jeremy Cairns

  • Alejandra van der Biest

ff networks are platforms envisioned, founded and led by the Hertie fellows themselves with mentoring and funding support of the ff programme of the Hertie Foundation. While the ff networks are communities of like-minded fellows sharing particular interests, they are also settings for reaching out to senior key professionals and starting new collaborations. Hertie fellows have two opportunities a year to join each of the current networks, following up on regular calls for applications. The fellows are also invited to get in touch with new ideas.

● Research and knowledge generation: support HIDN members to meaningfully engage with academia and assist in the development of cross-sectoral research and knowledge around issues identified as lacking within the existing literature, including in providing inputs to the HSoG curriculum.
● Knowledge and experience sharing: provide a platform for HIDN members to share their technical expertise and experiences to facilitate collaborative problem solving and support sector-specific learning (e.g. videos/workshops to present work, quarterly newsletter, blogging, regional “deep dives”, etc.).
● Professional development: maintain a forum through which HIDN members can provide and receive mutual support in their career progression and give peer recognition for each other’s achievements (e.g. provide a forum for members to discuss professional challenges, organise networking events and peer-to-peer career coaching, share employment opportunities etc.).
● Networking and partnerships: develop the profile of HIDN to contribute to important development debates, raise awareness of sector-specific issues and engage in meaningful collaborations with external partners (e.g. raise awareness of development issues within the broader Hertie community and with partner organizations etc.).