MENTEES: Requirements for application:
+ Minimum age of 18: Student, Ph.D. student, (young) professional
+ You are searching for targeted support in the implementation of your socially relevant ideas/projects and/or on your career path, or for your personal development.
+ You are looking for a dedicated and experienced mentor.
+ You are willing to actively participate in the eight-month online mentoring program.


Due to the international nature of the fellows & friends Programme, we require mentors and mentees to be proficient in both German and English so they can participate in webinars in German/English. Active/fluent knowledge of both languages is not required. Passive knowledge of the second language and an openness to speaking with non-native speakers (both German and English) are prerequisites for participation in the program.


It is assumed that the tandems will be in contact at least once a month (by phone, Skype, e-mail, etc.). Three of these meetings should have a duration of at least 1.5 - 2 hours and may take place in person.

Travel budget

We will provide a travel budget of up to € 250 for tandems who do not live/work in the same locality.



The mentoring program team will be available to mentors and mentees for the entire duration of the mentoring program for questions about tandem meetings and methodological support.

Notes on application

Please, keep in mind to update your profile in the online forum ( There is the possibility to connect your profile with existing profiles on XING and LinkedIn. In order to do so click on the pencil symbol (edit) in your profile and select the tab “External websites”. There you can select which profiles you would like to add.

This helps us in the selection and matching process and increases your chances of being selected for participation.

Registration deadline: Sunday, 28 April 2019

To apply, please scroll down and click on "Participate now!".

In case of question about the Mentoring program or technical questions about the application/registration procedure, please send an e-mail to Céline Bobillon (


22. June 2019
29. February 2020

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