The Hertie Summit in Berlin is a platform for exchange on current socio-political and science policy issues that brings together fellows, Hertie colleagues and other experts. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the Summit did not take place last summer. For 2021, we are planning a combination of digital and decentralised live events from 3 to 4 June 2021 in Berlin.

The Hertie Summit 2021 will take place from Thursday afternoon (Corpus Christi, 3 June 2021) to Friday evening (4 June 2021). We will work with a digital platform and offer different formats: purely digital events, hybrid events where guests can participate in live events via a stream, and occasional small events with people present on site, but this is subject to change. This year's Summit is under the motto Society and Solidarity and, accordingly, we ask the following questions: Who actually belongs to our society when we talk about it? Who takes responsibility for the central challenges and what solutions can we find for old and new problems? What does the digital transformation mean for our everyday lives?

Of course, we will closely follow and comply with the pandemic regulations that will then apply. If you have any questions, Sebastian Heunemann (event management) and Anna Delius ( fellows & friends ) will be happy to help.


3. June 2021
4. June 2021

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